miércoles, septiembre 13, 2006


Manifa en Nueva York por la verdad del 11-S

Primero, echad un vistazo a esto, es cortito. Gritan "9-11 was an inside job". "El 11 de septiembre fue un trabajo interno".

Y ahora, entrad en esta página, y flipad con Alex Jones y su gente, hoy mismo, creo, delante de la gentuza del Consejo de Relaciones Exteriores (uno de los grupos Iluminati), diciéndoles cuatro cosas. Impresionante!!!!!

9/11 Passengers = Big Smoking Gun!

The evidence indicates that the 9/11 passengers onboard AA-77 & UA-93 were murdered somewhere other than at the crash sites. The real perpetrators of 9/11 made a huge mistake in ID’ing all of those passengers with DNA or other methods. (The ID’s were made to facilitate the issuance of death certificates to close the cases & thus end further investigation.) Basic science & commonsense demonstrate that whatever crashed at the Pentagon & Shanksville was obliterated. There is absolutely no way that viable DNA (organic material) could have been recovered from passengers at these sites.
Great! Good information, man!
Force is whith you!
To the victory, ALWAYS!!!!!
jóvenes que piden se investigue el 11-S; españoles menos jóvenes que piden que se investigue el 11-M.......
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